Monthly newsletter


Dear Friends


From 10th-20th May we are invite to take part in a global wave of prayer---Thy Kingdom Come. You will receive from your church stewards a little booklet produced by the Methodist Church to use each day. I commend this to and encourage you to set aside some time each day to use it.  I also encourage you to get involved in the activities here in Bridgnorth from 13th—20th May—a whole week of prayer activity here in the town. Ann Brown can tell you more.


Prayer is a gift from God. It’s a chance to participate in the lives of people we have never met,  a chance to pray for places we may never visit, a chance to pray for situations we may never experience.

It’s also a chance to pray for people and places we know well, our friends, our neighbours, our community.


Through prayer, God invites us to participate in the transformation of the world, the transformation of peoples’ lives, and situations. It’s a chance to participate in God’s kingdom. We are invited through praying to participate in the reign of God’s love, and we are called to bring about transformation wherever we are. Prayer helps us to remember that we are part of the bigger picture.


Prayer is for all, young and old. We are all invited to be prayer warriors. We’re all invited to join in. When we pray we are conspiring together in Jesus’ name against injustice, oppression, conspiring to make a difference in people’s lives and the life of the world.


Prayer affects the events that take place in the world. Things happen that otherwise wouldn’t happen without prayer. Prayer changes hearts, minds and bodies.


It’s wonderful to be part of something global like this. To be part of a 2 billion –strong army of prayer warriors, to be caught up in  a world-wide momentum of prayer.


So do join in –May God’s Kingdom Come!


Every blessing