Monthly newsletter

Dear Friends 

I have spent much of my life involved in education in some way.  As a pupil, as the daughter of a head teacher, as a teacher myself, and as a parent. So, as the August Bank Holiday approaches, I always feel a sense of anticipation and preparation, looking forward to the coming academic year, and the challenges and opportunities it presents.


I feel the same sense of anticipation at the start of the new Connexional year, and I think this year will be very significant.


The Marriage and Relationships Task Group presented a report to the Methodist Conference in July this year with recommendations about various issues to do with relationships in general and marriage in particular.  (This report, called “God in Love Unites Us’,  is on the Methodist Church website and is well worth reading.)  The report was extensively discussed, and the Conference made amendments to some of the resolutions which were presented by the Task Group. 


The recommendations of the Task Group and amendments are now being brought to Districts, Circuits and churches for a full consultation, before a final decision is made at the 2020 Conference.  So, at some point during the autumn, I will be inviting you as a church to meet together with me for a conversation about marriage and relationships.


Meanwhile the life of the church at Cartwaycontinues, in particular its work with children and vulnerable adults, its social activities, and its bible study groups.  Their programmes  areprepared, and resources gathered. Our services in Innage Grange and Talbot Court will continue, and both are going well.    Our Handicraft Group is busy creating angels, and is aiming to produce even more to give away this Christmas, as a way of blessing the community. 


At the heart of our life together is, of course, our worship.  As we gather as God’s people, we find meaning for our lives and the strength and encouragement to continue in our witness and service.


As a church we continue to seek God’s will for our future, in particular with regard to our building, as we wait for the feasibility studies to be completed. And we continue to watch over one another in love, encouraging one another ,building one another up, and sharing the love of God with the wider community.

Yours, in Christ,