Monthly newsletter

Dear Friends,


In June we move to our next, and last ‘Holy Habit’---Making More Disciples. In my experience, this is the ‘habit’ people are most fearful of, because they do not see themselves as evangelists or preachers.

But if we remember the maxim that ‘actions speak louder than words’, I would suggest that it’s by the way we live our lives that we evangelise—by being the people that God has called us to be, sharing his grace, mercy and acceptance, not by standing on  a soap-box  like Lord Soper, and preaching to the masses.

The passage from Acts 2:42-47 which has inspired Holy habits has a wonderful description of the early church meeting together in the temple-‘spending much time together’, ‘they ate their food with glad and generous hearts’, praising God and having the goodwill of all the people’. No wonder, with such a description, their number was added to daily. Their joy was infectious.

I am struck by the way that churches talk about getting more people to come into church, whereas Jesus told his disciples  to “Go and make disciples of all nations”.

Come---or go?   Surely ‘go’ should be first ? Going out,  sharing the good news of Jesus in  a simple and direct way, and then inviting people to ‘come’ to church to experience it for themselves.  It’s not our job to bring people to faith, but we are called to share our faith, wherever we happen to be, and in the communities in which we live.  If we play our part, the Holy Spirit will come close and do the rest.

Andrew Roberts, author  of Holy Habits, writes about a church that had painted over the door, for people to see as they were leaving , the words “ YOU ARE NOW ENTERING A MISSION FIELD”  . If we were to do this at Cartway, it might make us think!

You have a chance to hear Andrew Roberts speak at Dawley Park on June 23rd ( or in Dawley Christian Centre if the weather isn’t kind!)  when we have  a Circuit Celebration to mark the end of Holy Habits.

From 1.30pm there will be a Salvation Army band playing   (bring a picnic if you want) and a service will begin at 2.30pm.  There will be a time of worship and praise,  some prayer stations for you to  experience, and Andrew Roberts will be preaching.  It would be wonderful to see a good number of Cartway there. Bring a chair to sit on,  and  celebrate all that God has been doing in the Circuit over the last twelve months.


Yours in Christ,