Monthly newsletter

Dear Friends,

​We have now completed our year-long journey through “Holy Habits’ , and I hope you have found it inspiring and interesting. I have certainly enjoyed leading worship on the ten aspects of discipleship mentioned in Acts 2 :42-47—Biblical Teaching, Fellowship, Breaking Bread, Prayer, Sharing Resources, Serving, Eating Together, Gladness and Generosity, Worship and Making More Disciples. As followers of Jesus we are called to develop these ‘habits’ and I think it has been helpful to explore each one in turn and examine them in some detail, asking ourselves the question “how does this teaching shape my life?”

Of course, these ten habits do not stand in isolation. There are strong links between them all, and in our next Café Church we will be looking at these links.

For example, Eating Together and Breaking Bread are closely linked. What opportunities do special seasons and celebrations open up for us as a church to offer hospitality?   Small group bible studies give us a safe space to explore God’s word in  a supportive and encouraging way, bringing together the habits of Biblical Teaching, Fellowship and Prayer.  As we learn to trust in God’s provision and are freed from the need to possess, the habits of Sharing Resources and Gladness and Generosity flow freely.  As we work towards becoming a welcoming and inclusive church, we seek to serve one another and the wider community, not our own interests. And all this is brought to God in Worship. And a natural consequence of a church living out these Holy Habits will be Making More Disciples.

I hope that Holy Habits has made us all more mindful of  what it means to be a follower of Jesus, and a worker in his Kingdom. I hope that it has encouraged us to look at our own spiritual lives and where there may be weeds that need pulling out,  or stony areas where God’s seed cannot take root,  or distractions that take our time and energy away from where God is calling us.

I hope that Holy Habits has helped you focus on the basics. These basic building blocks of the Christian life might be new to you, or Holy Habits might have been a long-needed ‘refresher course”!  Whether you are new to faith or more mature in faith, we all benefit from an opportunity to remind ourselves what it means to be a member of a worshipping community. I firmly believe that if we commit to living faithfully by these ten habits,  God will faithfully sustain us  in our life as a church. 

Every  blessing